Social Responsibility is the underlying fabric of Prime group of Institutions is no exception. The Students are encouraged to volunteer and participate in the various Social Outreach Programs, a not for profit organization founded in the year 2016 by the Chairman Shree Rakesh Gupta with the mission to empower the poor.

Our Guiding Principle, which our Students practice in their everyday life at our campus is:
Go to the people
Love them
Live among them
Learn from them. Start with what they know
Build on what they have;
But of the best leaders
When the task is accomplished,
Their work is done,
The people all say. . .
‘We have done it ourselves’.

The Vision of Prime Group of Institutions is “transform the present society into a society where all people are treated with equality, dignity, respect and provided with equal opportunities, rights and recognition and reach the self-determination of people those who live a life of marginalized existence in poverty and ignorance and to enable them positively empowered”.

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