The department offers the Diploma in Civil Engineering. department has well equipped laboratories:

  • Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
  • Mechanics of solid and Material Testing Laboratory
  • Concrete Technology Laboratory
  • Transportation Engineering Laboratory
  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory

The department presents a picture of a small but fully dedicated and developed faculty contributing to all round growth of students, Institute, Industries and Society.
The graduates coming out from the Institute are well prepared with knowledge and technical information, refined with professional touch, are capable of undertaking the Civil Engineering jobs to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

head of the department MESSAGE

The department is one of the pioneering departments since the commencement of the college in 2017. The department has qualified faculty members engaged in teaching with the aim of achieving excellence in various fields. The faculty members are specialized in different disciplines of Civil Engineering. The vision of this department is to shape infrastructure development with social focus. The mission of the department is to Developing Professional Civil Engineers Offering Continuing Education Interacting with Industry with emphasis on R&D.

Prof. Binali Patel
Head of the Department


Civil engineering career opportunities are: Site engineers, Project managers, Structural design engineer, Survey and GIS consultant, environment engineer, urban planner, concrete technologist, geotechnical engineer, hydrologist and water resources experts etc. Civil engineering field provide you an opportunity to work in government, public and private sector organizations. After few years of experience, a civil engineer can become entrepreneur with own establishment.


Our students acquire knowledge and skills with excitement. They are sensitized toward society by the programmes like doing helping of needful people by giving donation. Finally they build the capability here to perform a productive role in the society.


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